Why organize cooking classes specializing in typical Umbrian and Tuscan recipes?

Italy in general, but mostly the central part of the country, has always been characterised by the rich variety and peculiarity of its recipes. Pairing food with good wine, respecting traditions by sourcing quality ingredients have always characterised the “Mediterranean diet”: an international reference point in terms of quality and tastefulness of the final product.

Our valley and Cortona are undoubtedly a specific example of all of this; in that sense the following products need to be mentioned: the famous Chianina beef, ancient grains used to produce a special flour, agricultural produce coming from many organic farms, cold cuts prepared according to old traditions by using the meat of free-range animals.

Agriturismo Rocca di Pierle, set in the untouched Pierle valley, has always embraced this philosophy; in the last few years, thanks to Silvia’s research and specialization, our cooking classes are cause for satisfaction and gratification for many guests who choose us to have this experience.

Our interactive cooking classes consist of 2-3 hours lesson in the fully-equipped room named Cambusa, where Silvia and our welcome guests, helped by Sheila, prepare a 3/4-course menu chosen by guests according to their taste among a series of proposed seasonal recipes.

The recipes we propose range from typical Tuscan and Umbrian dishes to traditional Italian food; the thing that all these dishes have in common is the accurate research of quality ingredients, mostly farm-to-table products, and the respect of local culinary traditions.

At the end of our interactive class, you will eat the dishes you have prepared in the Cambusa to enjoy a final relaxing and rewarding moment, as if you were in a restaurant, paired with a bottle of good Syrah wine from Cortona to complete the meal.

Whether you are with your partner or in small groups, don’t miss the chance to share an experience that will be an unforgettable memory of your vacation.

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