• From April to October*
  • Length: 14m
  • Max Depth: 1.80m

The beautiful swimming pool, overlooking the property and offering a magnificent view onto the entire Val di Pierle, gives another touch of elegance and distinctiveness to Agriturismo Rocca di Pierle. Thanks to the great skills of experienced craftsmen we succeeded in creating something simply uncommon and peculiar. Every single stone used to build the pool was sourced by a local supplier and then shaped and hand-smoothed directly on site to make sure the result was as natural and exclusive as possible. The dark-color tarpaulin that coats the pool gives the water a somewhat warm and mysterious effect. Its size is as follows: 7.5m maximum width, 5 m minimum width, and 14 m length. Depth varies between 0.50 m and 1.80 m.

The elevated location, as compared to the house and the garden, of the swimming pool and the sunbathing area offers perfect privacy in addition to a scenic view onto the underlying valley.

*The period during which the swimming pool is open may vary depending on weather conditions and according to the statutory provisions in force in the region of Tuscany.

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