Our family has always been rooted in the Pierle valley. The Luchini surname is widespread in the area and it probably derives from a single stock.

My great-grandfather Stefano, my grandfather Arcangiolo (in the top left photo with his inseparable “mules” that helped him in his job as woodcutter) and my father Stefano were all born in Borgo di Vagli, only 3 km from Pierle; the family tradition continued with Andrea, who was born at home in Lisciano Niccone, a village situated only 4 km from Pierle. The humble origins of our family, that has descended from Arcangiolo, a woodcutter, and Maria, a farmer (in the top right photo with one of the first foreign tourists who came to discover our valley), contributed to pass down and appreciate the old traditions and the good values that keep guiding us in doing our work.

In 1958 our family moved from Vagli to Pierle after purchasing a small house located right next to the castle walls, which is still our property.

A few years later, with great sacrifice and determination, the family bought a small plot of land in the village of Pierle to build a house, which in 2004 was completely renovated to become the current Agriturismo Rocca di Pierle. The family lived in that house from 1970 to 1991, and then moved to the neighboring village of Mercatale, where Stefano and Mirella (Stefano’s wife and Andrea and Miriam’s mother) had started a business in the meantime.

Andrea (in the central photo held by his grandfather Arcangiolo in the day of his christening, in the presence of his maternal grandparents Giuseppe and Dina and his parents Stefano and Mirella) was born in June 1976; Andrea attended primary and middle school in Mercatale and high school in Cortona and then majored in Political Sciences at the University of Perugia. Then he decided to settle in the Pierle valley to continue his family tradition.

Miriam, Stefano and Mirella’s daughter and Andrea’s sister, was born in March 1987; due to a different propensity to sociability and a different educational background, Miriam has decided not to deal directly with the tourist accommodation business but to maintain her part of ownership, the respect of traditions and the family connection that has always distinguished the Luchini family. In 1999, Stefano and Mirella decided to remodel and refurbish the property where they used to live up to 8 years before and to start a new business.

Farmhouse Rocca di Pierle was finally opened after 5 years of renovation works, in June 2004; thanks to the careful work of skillful local craftsmen the house was completely renovated by using local and authentic materials and adapted to the earthquake safety regulations in force. In August 2005 Andrea married Silvia and right from the beginning they shared the same passion for running the accommodation facility albeit in two different ways: Andrea welcomes guests and Silvia does the cooking.

All the awards obtained and the people from different cultures met in 15 years of activity contributed to make our family, our traditions, our values well known; our great dedication and commitment is to do better and better without forgetting our origins.

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